Saving Summer at The Grist Mill Pool Club

Have you already been thinking about where to go this summer with the kids? You’d love to go to the beach everyday but reality says the drive costs gas money, the beach costs money for admission and the idea of beach traffic doesn’t thrill you.

As a mom of three smaller children the beach, which I use to love, became anxiety ridden.  At the beach I was on alert and just felt like I didn't have enough eyes or hands. One was being taken away by a current, one was crying because there was sand on his sandwich and one was bored.  The kids would complain they were bored and they wanted shade. Packing for the beach was a job in itself. The beach became work.

Five years ago my husband and I were deciding between putting a pool in our not so big backyard or joining a pool club. After going through the pros and cons we decided to join the Grist Mill Pool & Tennis Club in Seekonk, MA and it has been one of the best decisions we ever made. The experience of community and summer fun has been fantastic. Although there are many more reasons we love the Grist Mill Pool Club I have listed our family’s top ten.


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In no particular order:

  • We are not responsible for the upkeep of the pool. We just show up and the pool is always clean and sparkling.
  • We never have to schedule a play date the kids are already there.
  • We never have to beat beach traffic.
  • I don't waste money on gas.
  • The camaraderie of the families.
  • Our kids are now excellent swimmers at an early age.
  • We can have a barbecue almost everyday with our friends.
  • The kids love all the activities including the arts&crafts, scavenger hunts and events like the Fourth of July Party
  • I can relax on a lounge chair and know the kids are safe because other moms are my extra eyes.
  • There is a restaurant on site in case I do not feel like packing food.



The pool facilities offer a splash pad for toddlers, a learning pool and an Olympic size pool with a diving board and a brand new slide. The main pool offers two designated lap lanes. There is no need to pack patio chairs and umbrellas because they are already placed around the pool for you. There are also two shaded areas located under two canopies.  After a day of sun and swimming members conveniently walk into the Worlds Gym to use the locker room and showers.

The pool club offers sessions of swim lessons and tennis lessons throughout the summer.  Adults can also enjoy  water aerobics  during adult swim time.

You will notice that your children will become strong swimmers very quickly at a pool club. If your kids are ready for the next level of swimming they may decide to  try the Mako's Swim and/or Dive team. Last year was my two girls first year on the swim team. The kids on the team foster a wonderful camaraderie during the season. Last year The Grist Mill Mako's had a successful season and boast a second place title at the All Pool Swim Meet.  The swim team has proven to build many life long friendships.  Each Friday the team has pancakes together too!

If you happen to get a day without the kids at the pool you can take advantage of some the live entertainment that happens next door at the Luxury Box or dine on the back patio. Sometimes a day without the kids at the pool proves to be a lot of fun for mommy and daddy too.

The Grist Mill Pool Club is a fantastic place to throw a summer party or fundraiser. Our middle daughter’s Birthday falls in August so we take full advantage of the pool for a birthday party bash.

Typically, we are the first family to arrive in the morning and the last to leave. We pack our lunch and and head right over. That is a 10 hour day at the pool and my kids never get bored.

The kids just never seem to tire of jumping off of the diving board or racing down the slide. Sometimes they’ll gather down near the pond and look for frogs or turtles. Even if it’s raining my kids still swim or they’ll help themselves to a board game under the canopies. Most nights we invite our friends and just ask them to bring some hot dogs and hamburgers and utilize the grills that are on site and available to everyone.

One of my kid’s favorite things about the pool that didn’t make the top ten reasons is the snack shack! The snack shack is like a small convenient store of candy, ice cream and drinks. I wonder how much I spend there each summer, actually I’d rather not wonder.


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The pool club is 10 percent about the pool itself and we would say 90 percent about the members who become family and forever friends. In the past six years it has been a blessing to watch all the kids summer friendships blossom and watch the kids grow up.  There is no place I would rather be in the summer than with our pool family.

The worst part of the Grist Mill Pool Club is the last day it’s open. It’s along 10 months until the next pool season. It is sad to leave behind all of our family and friends. We have created some pretty awesome memories at the pool.


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I would sum up a summer experience at the Grist Mill Pool Club as a summer camp for the entire family. If you think the Grist Mill Pool Club would be a great summer experience for your family you can visit their site at www.gristmillpool.com for more information and to download an application.


For any questions or concerns please contact:
The Grist Mill Pool
320 Fall River Ave Seekonk, MA 02771
(508) 336-0577 (508) 336-0577


*If you sign up your family please write in Nicole Estrella as your referral on your application*

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