2017 Edaville’s Festival of Lights Is Here

Last night we returned back to Edaville USA to enjoy our yearly tradition to see the Festival Of Lights. It was kind of bummed at first because my oldest, turning 13 next week,  didn't want to go at first but I understood. However, last minute she changed her mind. It wasn't so much to go on the rides but I think to just be there with her siblings and cousins. Edaville just has this little spot in our hearts because we have gone every year since they were babies.

We got very lucky because we got a pretty nice night temperature wise for the park. We have gone in years past and it has been COOOOLLD. A bit of advice before going to Edaville with the kids. Go as early as you can so you can hit the rides in the warmth of the daylight.  We usually save the train for last when the temps dip at night because the train is heated. Always layer up.



The first thing you will notice when you enter the park is how far along the construction of the Dickens Village has come. The window displays are full of Christmas wonder.

The kids stopped to take a picture with the carolers in the Dickens Village! Inside the Dicken's village you will find many small shops and you might even see Santa Claus.

Singing some #ChristmasCarols @edavillefamilythemepark They make my heart filled. Cheers to more happy memories.

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After we strolled through the village the kids ran off to hit the rides. We started with our favorite ride. Big Eli, Edaville USA's Ferris Wheel. It offers a magical view of the millions of lights and over 90 rides from 65 feet in the air.


Giovanni's first Ferris Wheel ride. #BigEli @edavillefamilythemepark #edavilleusa

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Then it was on to the Spinning Lady Bug Coaster. We ALL love this ride. Wheeee


Lol @desi_ella and @regansummer882006 on the Spinning Lady Bug Coaster @edavillefamilythemepark

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Edaville USA has lots of classic rides but if you didn't know already it is also home to Thomas Land. Thomas Land is an theme park where everything is Thomas and Friends. Our favorite ride in Thomas Land USA is Troublesome Trucks Roller Coaster. They went on it more times than I can count. Its the perfect first coaster.



The park is really beautiful during Christmastime. If you are looking for the perfect Christmas Card backdrop you can guarantee you will find it here. Outside you will find everything from vintage trucks to wooden cut outs. We found this awesome picture spot inside!


What a great picture spot! @edavillefamilythemepark

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Then it was on to the train! The train ride is so special.. and warm. Watch all the little ones eyes light up as they ride by thousands of lights. 


#FestivalOfLights @edavillefamilythemepark

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Contrary to previous years the train was not our last ride. The reason why we changed it up you ask? Oh the kids had 20 minutes left in the park so they decided to ride the bumper cars.



The great thing about Edaville is that its a smaller, not overwhelming, family park. We have never really waited in a long line. And we all know as parents that long lines can really ruin a fun time.

It was a fun night for all full of us. As always it was a night full of memories, smiles and laughter. I am already looking forward to next year.

I hope one day to come back to Edaville with my grandchildren.



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