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Hi, I am Nicole Estrella, I am the owner of Playing All The Way. I started Playing All The Way as a resource for our local families. I believe that play is very important and in order to play families must have their basic needs met. I started out with a list of resources to help families get what they need and then shared all playful opportunities in our local community. I have always encouraged other families to get out and play in the community because I believe that families that play together stay together.

When my kids were very small we financially couldn't afford to bring them all of the fun places in our community so I learned when places like museums, zoos and aquariums where free or grant funded. I learned SOOO much that I wanted to share. I truly believe if we take kids and their families out of their environments and give them equal access to all opportunities and engage them in the arts, recreation and adventure we can enhance their qualities of live and give them hope that they can achieve more.

Here is where we are at now. Unfortunately, against my hearts desires, I am going through a divorce. I never thought I'd be in this place. If you followed my blog you know that my family is EVERYTHING to me but you can't control other people. I still hope to be the best Mom I can be and have a lot more adventures with them. I treasure every minute with them. Always have and always will. 

My kids are now 13, 11, and 10. My goal is to teach them that they do not have to drink or do drugs to have a great time. I want to show them how to really have fun through experiences and travel. I hope to show them how to navigate the world.

I want them to learn how to get high off life.

Together we have been hosted at so many many fun places and now the blog is able to provide contributing writers with opportunities. If its not a good fit for our family we will Play It Forward to another.

The goal is to have the blog grow with our family. We are looking to grow into a family entertainment site that promotes concerts, events and entertainment for tweens and beyond. Entertainment for tweens seems to get lost and we hope to be a resource for families with tweens to keep them enjoying entertainment and adventure together.

My photography has been chosen for promotional marketing materials for Edaville USA, The Cape Codder Resort & Spa and Water Country.. The kids have been featured on billboards, magazines and promotional flyers. We are trying to branch out to commercials. Stay tuned.



I have worked with numerous Public Relations and Marketing Firms and have always had positive feedback.

I have interviewed New Kids On The Block at CBS Radio live in New York City. 



I have also interviewed Kevin James on the set of his new show, "Kevin Can Wait."



I look forward to working together with you.






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