A ROARing Good Time At The Dinosaur Place

“My blogger was compensated admission to the Dinosaur Place in exchange for this review. All opinions are original and her own.” Do you know how sometimes you hear buzz about a local attraction that you keep meaning to check out, but never seem to get the chance to? For us, going to the Dinosaur Place at Nature’s Art Village in […]

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Got ups? Get some at the Cape Cod Inflatable Park

Disclaimer:  We were hosted by Cape Cod Inflatable Park, but the opinions are my own and not swayed by any outside sources.   We all have a kid who has been invited to one of those birthday parties with the “jumpy.” You know, the one with the over-sized inflatable that the kids never seem to tire even after they climb […]

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Cross Sound Ferry Announces A New Light House Tour

*Disclosure-I was hosted by the Cross Sound Ferry in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.*   My husband and I rarely ever get time alone together so we were beyond thrilled to be invited aboard The Cross Sound Ferry‘s newest lighthouse tour which was during school hours! School is over now so we just made it! Whoo […]

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Big changes to Edaville USA!

We went to the opening day of Edaville USA on Saturday. Edaville USA is a smaller size park with rides for families of younger children. You wont find super long lines or massive crowds that make parks with smaller ones anxiety ridden. We spent almost every weekend last year at Edaville so we were all very excited to see all […]

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lake compounce cover photo

A Day at Lake Compounce

Did you know Lake Compounce is the oldest running amusement park in North America? I had no idea until we visited the park last week to experience their new Dino Expedition inside it’s kiddie section. Classic parks have always been my favorite and it was really amazing to be walking around a park that first opened in 1846. Dino Expedition […]

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Saving Summer at The Grist Mill Pool Club

Have you already been thinking about where to go this summer with the kids? You’d love to go to the beach everyday but reality says the drive costs gas money, the beach costs money for admission and the idea of beach traffic doesn’t thrill you. As a mom of three smaller children the beach, which I use to love, became […]

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